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All-Grain and Extract Beer

Burnaby Brewing offers commercial quality, fully customizable beer at U-Brew Prices.

How much beer do you get?

Our beer batches work out to about 48 litres. That is equivalent to about 144 cans (355ml size)

What does it cost?

Our kits are very affordable.  Look at our amazing price list.

How do you get started?

Pick your brew and then call us to make an appointment to mix your batch.  In 2 to 3 weeks we’ll let you know when it’s ready for you to come and bottle.

North American Lagers

The world’s most popular beer style. These are easy drinking lagers, very modestly hopped, slightly dry, usually pale in color, and sometimes made with added adjuncts such as rice or corn. Perfect for drinking on a hot day, or after a hockey game.
Original Draftpale5%16$145
American Premiumpale5.3%18$155
Canadian Lagerpale4.9%19$145
Steamy Whistlepale5%19$155
Mellow Yellowpale4.5%14$145
Honey Lagerpale5.2%23$160
Darth Lagerdark6.5%24$155
Honey Brown Lagerdark/amber5.2%22$165

Light Ales & Pale Ales

Pale Ales are brewed with mainly pale malts. They have more body than your regular light lager, and typically have an equal hop-to-malt balance giving a more complex flavor that can have many different notes and characteristics.
British Pub Aledark/copper4.7%23$155
Okanagan Pale Aledark/copper4.8%24$155
Cream Alegolden5%20$155
West Coast Pale Alegolden5%35$165
Amber Aleamber5.4%20$155
Harvest Moon Pale Aledark/copper5.4%32$160
Canadian Red Aledark/amber4.8%22$155
Ben Lee Pale Alegolden5%19$165

Imported Lager

These are clones of more popular beers from around the world. Ranging in from bitter to sweet, and light to dark, these are all crowd pleasers as they are best that other countries have to offer.
Mexican Crownpale4.8%19$150
Japanese Dry Lagerpale5%19$150
Bohemian Lagerpale5%22$155
Mexican Darklight/amber5%21$155
German Pilsnerpale5%30$160

IPA and Hoppy Ales

If you like bitter/hop forward beers, then this is the list for you. With the same body and complexity of a Pale Ale, the India Pale Ale is assertively hopped and can be much stronger than most other beers. These strong hop flavors bring out many different fruit/floral flavors and aromas such as grapefruit, pine, mandarin, lemon, and spices.
Sierra Pale Alelight/amber5%45$165
India Pale Aledark/copper5.2%47$165
Cascadian Dark Aledark5.6%43$160
Big Tug IPAdark/amber5.5%60$165
Red Razor IPAdark/amber6%65$165
Magnum IPAamber6%68$155

Hoppy Lagers

Much like the IPA’s these beers are hop forward and bitter, but because they are lagers they still have a sharp crispness to them and a bit of dryness. This style of beer is very popular in European countries such as Germany and Czechoslovakia.
Rotti Lagerdark/amber5.4%35$165
Stoika Lagerdark/golden5%48$165
Plzen Pilsnerpale4.8%50$165
India Pale Lagerdark/golden5.2%50$160

Specialty Craft Dark Ales

Our specialty line recipes all have a little extra something added to them. Whether it is fresh ginger, chocolate malts, or oak, these beers are for the beer connoisseur who doesn’t mind being a little adventurous.
Innocent Gundark/copper6%24$165
Nutty Brown Aledark/brown5%24$160
Jamaican Ginger Beeramber6%30$170
Scotch Aledark/brown6%25$160
Chocolate Porterdark6.5%45$165

Lagers (Extracts)

Canadian Lagergolden5%18$140
Japanese Lagerpale5%18$140
Moose Lagergolden5%18$140
Mexican Darkamber4.6%21$140
Mexican Crowngolden4.6%22$140
Sleeman's Lagergolden5%23$145
Dutch Lagerpale4.7%24$140
Czech Pilsnergolden5%27$150
Staropramen Springgolden5.1%30$150
German Lagergolden5.2%34$140
Bohemian Lagergolden4.5%35$140

Ales (Extracts)

Newcastle Brownbrown5%18$130
Nut Brown Alemedium brown4.5%18$135
Old Stocklight5.5%20$130
Black N' Tandark brown5%21$130
Fisher D'Alsacegolden6.5%22$130
Ricky's Redcopper/brown5%22$130
Alexander Keith'slight5%24$130
India Pale Aleamber5.6%40$135

Our most

popular beers

  • All-Grain Original Draft
  • All-Grain Canadian Lager
  • All-Grain Big Tug IPA
  • All-Grain British Pub Ale
  • All-Grain Indian Pale Ale
  • All-Grain Mexican Crown
  • All-Grain Honey Brown Lager
  • All-Grain American Premium
  • All-Grain German Pilsner
  • All-Grain Red Razor IPA

Red and White Wine

Burnaby Brewing carries premium and house kits for U-Brew red and white wines

How much wine do you get?

Our wine batches work out to 23 litres. That is equivalent to 28-30 750ml bottles.

What does it cost?

Our kits are very affordable.  Look at our amazing price list.

How do you get started?

We carry a huge variety of wine. If there is a particular style of wine you cannot find on our wine list then give us a call at 604-421-2929 and we can look into finding a wine that suits your tastes.

4 Week Wine - Whites
per batch
Italian Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc
4 Week Wine - Reds
per batch
Australian Shiraz
Cabernet Sauvignon
Vieux Château du Roi
Pinot Noir
5 Week Wine - Whites
per batch
Ontario Sauvignon Blanc
California Muscat
South African Chenin Blanc
French Rose
5 Week Wine - Reds
per batch
Australian Cabernet Sauvignon
Argentine Malbec Syrah
British Colombia Pinot Noir
Chilean Malbec
6 Week Wine - Whites
per batch
Pinot Grigio
Australian Chardonnay
Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
White Zinfandel
6 Week Wine - Reds
per batch
Vieux Château du Roi
Carbernet Merlot
Australian Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon
Australian Shiraz
Luna Rossa
Australian Carbernet Shiraz
8 Week Wine - Whites
per batch
South African Sauvignon Blanc
Yakima Valley Pinot Gris
Mosel Valley Gewurtraiminer
Washington Valley Riesling
Yakima Valley Viognier
8 Week Wine - Reds
per batch
Stag's Leap Merlot
Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel
Italian Super Tuscan
Argentine Malbec
Chilean Malbec
Italian Rosso Grande Eccellente
Chilean Merlot
Italian Amarone
Slow Fermented Whites
per batch
Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc
Slow Fermented Reds
per batch
Vieux Château du Roi
Cabernet Sauvignon

Our most

popular wines

  • Italian Pinot Grigio
  • Burnaby Brewing Exotica Red
  • Ontario Sauvignon Blanc
  • Italian Nebbiolo
  • Gewurtztraminer
  • Burnaby Brewing Bellissimo
  • Super Tuscan
  • Chilean Malbec
  • Australian Shiraz

Specialty Wine

Burnaby Brewing carries an exclusive selection of Port, Ice wine, House Blends, Ciders and Coolers

per batch
$170/ 90
Ginger Apple
Fruit Wines
per batch
Wine Coolers
per batch
$180 / 90
Ice Wine
per batch
23L Full Batch $250
11.5L Half-Batch $175
per batch
23L Full Batch $250
11.5L Half-Batch $175
Burnaby Brewing Exclusive Blends
per batch
Exotica White - $220
Exotica - $240
Bellissimo - $240

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