Exotica Blends

Award winning Exotica Red and Exotica White

Burnaby Brewing Exotica Blends

Burnaby Brewing has been experimenting with different wines and blends for many years and has come up with very exciting new wines made from some very unique and rare varietals. We call them Burnaby Brewing Exotica Red and Burnaby Brewing Exotica White.

The Exotica blends have been increasing in popularity since their introduction to our selection of quality wine kits. Many customers remark that they are the best wines they have ever made and tasted! We entered our Exotica Red into the WineMakers International Amateur Wine Making Competition and it won a gold medal!

Exotica Red and Exotica White are made in large drums and fermented for 3 weeks before they are racked down and fermentation is stopped. From there they sit for another 2-3 weeks and are then racked off their yeast bed. After yet another 2-3 weeks they are then filtered and ready for bottling.

We usually recommend aging Exotica Red for at least 6 months to a year before consumption because of the intense tannins. Exotica white will also smooth out with age but is much more palatable sooner.

The Award Winning Exotica Red

We have chosen the new and very popular Chilean Malbec and blended it with a special selection of old world Italian reds. Our wine is fermented with 15lbs of grape skins and very unique oaks. We feel that this combination of varietals has produced our highest quality and best wine to date.

Burnaby Brewing Exotica is a full-bodied red wine with lush berry aromas and a pleasant Hungarian Oak finish. It has balanced acidity, firm tannins and a velvety, silky finish on your palate.

Pairs excellent with beef, lamb and pasta.
Sweetness: Dry
Oak: Medium
Body: Full

exotica red wine framed award certificate

Burnaby Brewing Exotica White

A delightful, soft, dangerously easy drinking blend of old world Italian Whites with a Chardonnay backbone. It has fresh and balanced fruitiness complemented by hints of tropical fruit flavours, peach and floral notes. This delicious blend is finished with elderflowers to give it an intoxicating bouquet.

The intense fruitiness of this wine suggests rich sweetness, but it shows a surprisingly dry and aromatic finish. As it matures, it can also display hints of honeysuckle, kiwi, orange blossom and even mango!

While higher in alcohol than many white wines, it drinks well young nonetheless. Lower acidity makes it friendly to a wide range of foods, but it’s ‘soft but strong’ character makes it excellent for sipping alone.

Sweetness: Dry
Body: 3

Burnaby Brewing exotica white wine label