Our Story

Where we come from, how we make it and our awards

Our Story

Pride in every bottle

Jim Lanzo opened the Burnaby Brewing Company in 1992 with the intention of bringing a high-quality U-Brew experience to North Burnaby. A second floor was commissioned within the same year to be built to house a wine making and bottling facility. By 1993 the Winery was up and running.

After years of brewing extract beers the company felt it was important to bring a higher standard of U-Brewing experience to their customers and purchased the equipment necessary to begin brewing All-Grain beers. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Then and now customers and brewing staff alike are excited to experiment by adapting recipes to develop their own specialty beers while also mastering their favourites.

The winery is busy as ever. Our customers continually rave about our quality and selection of wine and beer. Elke Kloster, previous manager and wine specialist, has developed her own blends; Burnaby Brewing Exotica and Burnaby Brewing Exotica White. Both of these wines have quickly become staff and customer favourites and are our top sellers. The winery has acquired new filling equipment that has made bottling wine even easier and more enjoyable.

Burnaby Brewing is where you brew your best regardless of whether you choose to brew All Grain beer, Extract beer, house and premium wines.

Jim Lanzo filling beer bottle at beer filling station

Our Process

Quality Ingredients-Quality Process

Brewing All-Grain beers have become increasingly popular since 2006. In fact, unlike most other u-brew facilities, a heavy majority of the beers we brew are All-Grain. We have 6 stainless steel, steam powered/heated kettles and a 700 litre Mash capacity that enables us to brew up to 12 batches of All Grain beer a day. That’s a whopping 600 litres of beer made per day! We do an All-Grain beer run 5 days a week, and brew extracts every day.

Given that we have access to the freshest ingredients we are able to mimic commercially available beers and many customers have remarked that our beers are tastier than their commercial counterparts.

We have 4 stainless steel taps for bottling your beer and 2 canning machines and 2 cappers; one manual and one pneumatic.

We have a huge selection from a variety of suppliers that many other U-Brew facilities can’t match. Our wine kits are purchased from many different suppliers to ensure that our customers receive the best selection, the best quality and the best price for their wine. Our Suppliers, WinExpert, RJ Spagnol’s and VineCo dominate the wine kit making industry and offer wines that are economical made from high-quality grapes offering consistent taste and also some very creative blends.

Burnaby Brewing beer filling station

Our Awards

Award winning recognition

Our biggest accomplishment, and what we deem the most important recognition of all is the loyalty of our customers. Today we still serve and assist customers that started brewing with us in 1992, that’s over 25 years of customer loyalty. This is a testament to our passion to ensure our customers receive the best service, ingredients and quality consistently. Whether you have been with us from the beginning or are excited to start brewing with us, we sincerely thank you for your support and will continue to do our best to serve you.

Formal Recognition and Awards:

2011 Burnaby AList presented by the Burnaby NewsLeader for Best U-Brew

2010 Wine Maker International Amateur Wine Competition
Bronze Medal

2010 Wine Maker International Amateur Wine Competition
Gruner Veltliner
Silver Medal

2012 Wine Maker International Amateur Wine Competition
Burnaby Brewing Exotica
Gold Medal

2012 Wine Maker International Amateur Wine Competition
Bronze Medal

gold medal winemaking awards

Excellent beer and great customer service!! Been coming here for years.


Wouldn't go anywhere else.


Been coming here for 5 years with no end in sight. Awesome place great beer.


I am thrilled with the brewing experience at Burnaby Brewing.


friendly and accommodating.


My dad and I go here every month or two.


Now I am going back with a few more friends and a few more bottles!


Love the coolers and ciders - my favourite besides wine.


A great selection of wines.

Collage of awards, u-brew factilities and wine bottles